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1997's Ingame Moderator application

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1 1997's Ingame Moderator application on Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:01 pm

Username: 1997

How long have you been playing: almost for a week

What makes you stand out: I am active , and i am experienced with RSPS , i am helpfull i like to help people i am honestly i am friendly , i make very quik friends Smile , yea i want to help this server grow too one of the best RSPS's in the world Smile

What have you done to help: i reported some glitches , and ive helped players if they had problems with something or when they couldn't find an item or monster etc. I didnt very much with help to be honest i just helped players.
and yea also i vote everyday.

Any past experience: yea , ive runned an own server , ive been Moderator & Administrator on much different RSPS , and i was an co owner/head Admin on a server with 150 players.

Special Skills: My skills :p , i like helping players when they ask for something , if i see someone searching for anything then i will direct help that one.
yea and like Zippitty said , if you welcome a player that just joined it will have a more chance to stay , when a player comes and not been helped ,
he will think by himself wtf is this for a server or something.
and my skill is just that i am experienced i play RSPS for like 5 years now and i played much different RSPS.

Age: 17

Additional info: i wanna help this server grow too one of the best RSPS , i wanna see it grow i wanna be a witness of it.
i realy like to play Avatar , you can see that because im much online. and i thought we need an staff member with a different timezone then Azy & Sky.
My english grammatic is not very good as you can see , ive my English was much better then this apply would be better too Smile.

- We have a very good Friendship/Community ingame guys everyone is friendly against each other i like it we have to keep this !

Thanks for reading guys !
see you in game

Greetz ,

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2 Re: 1997's Ingame Moderator application on Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:35 pm

Thank you for your application, it has been taken to consideration.

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3 Re: 1997's Ingame Moderator application on Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:59 am

Thank you Sky !

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